Hard Floor Machine

The machine does not dispense water

Ensure that you have pulled the lid up on the attached bottle. Make sure the bottle is correctly attached and this should resolve the issue. If it does not please call our helpline so we can give telephonic assistance.

It is impossible to clean because the pad doesn’t stay on the machine. Please help

This occurs when the store forgot to supply you with the machine driving disk. It is a plastic disk with a spiked surface that attaches to the pad to ensure it does not slip off. Please contact our helpline so we can assist you with this complaint.

How do I set up the FloorMac machine? The store had no pamphlets

Below is a step by step list of how to set up the machine:

  1. Add chemical to 3 litres of water to prepare solution.
  2. Detach bottle from the machine and unscrew the lid.
  3. Fill the bottle with the solution and screw the cap back on, returning it to the bottle cradle, on the machine, and ensuring it is securely fastened.
  4. Remove pad from plastic bag and place driving disk, spike side down, in the center of the pad. (Note: Without the driving disk the machine cannot be used.)
  5. Gently lift the machine and place onto the driving disk.
  6. Pull dispenser nozzle out so it can dispense onto the floor.
  7. Press button on top of machine until drops of solution appear from dispenser nozzle.
  8. Turn the machine on and begin cleaning in an arc like fashion.
  9. Repeat as necessary.
  10. Also remember the difference between the pads.
    1. Red – Cleaning Tiles and Hard floors. Using this on a wood floor WILL cause scratching.
    2. White – Polishing Tiles and Hard floors and cleaning Laminated Floors.