Using the Machine

I have a burst geyser, can the machine suck up the water?

Yes, but you may have a problem. The bucket at the front of the machine can only hold 8 litres of water. If the bucket is over filled the water will be sucked into the turbine causing the machine to short circuit and stop working. As an emergency solution the machine will work, but it is not recommended.

Can the machine be used on Wool/Persian/Suede carpets or upholstery?


  • You must test to ensure that the carpet is colour fast. Test on an inconspicuous area by blotting the detergent onto the carpet and testing to see if colour is fast or not.
  • As with all wet cleaning techniques avoid over-wetting the carpet as this will greatly lengthen the drying time and may cause problems with shrinkage and discolouration of the pile.


  • Using a damp handkerchief, blot an area of the rug. If any dye comes off on the handkerchief, the dyes may run during cleaning.
  • Spray-extraction carpet cleaning methods are recommended. Allow to dry flat on the floor. Clean one side at a time and allow it to dry before reversing to clean the other side.
  • As a general rule, the safest recommendation we offer regarding cleaning any type of Persian rug is to have it done professionally using the steam extraction method.


  • It is advised to stay away from suede. It is a tricky surface to clean and it is better not to cause damage unnecessarily.
Can I use the machine to clean blinds or curtains?

The machine can clean blinds and curtains. However, it is at the customer’s risk. The problem with using the upholstery tool on blinds and curtains is that there is the possibility of run lines due to the creases on the curtains.