Hard Floor & Laminate Cleaning

Hard flooring options are a great choice for any home as they are easy to clean. However, regular sweeping and mopping still isn’t enough for wood floors, laminate wood flooring, and tiles. Hard floors need to be given a deep cleaning every 3 months depending on how many people live in your house and the amount and type of activity in those spaces. This ensures the grouting is kept clean and that the hygiene levels inside your house are maintained.

Hard Floor Clean and Polish Package


This package is ideal for those individuals that take pride in the care of their floors. It is the complete cleaning solution for hard floors.

Included in the rental:

  • Cleaning Clinic hard floor machine
  • Tile & Hard floor Cleaner
  • Spray & Buff Polish
  • Red cleaning pad and the white cleaning pad

The use of our specialised cleaning products in conjunction with the floor scrubber will ensure your floors are left clean and shiny.

Laminated Floor Clean Package


This package provides the ideal way for you to clean your wood and laminated floors without the worry of unwanted scratches and scuffing. Using the Cleaning Clinic floor scrubber in conjunction with the white pad and Cleaning Clinic’s Wood & Laminated Floor Cleaner will ensure your floors are properly cleaned and left with a natural streak free shine.

Included in the rental

  • Cleaning Clinic hard floor machine
  • Wood & Laminated Floor Cleaner
  • White cleaning pad

Note: Make sure that only the white pad is used to clean the wood and laminate floors to prevent unnecessary damage.