K2 Compact Home and Car Combo

The K 2 Compact Car & Home pressure washer for smaller applications and light dirt can be easily stored and transported and includes the Car Kit and Home Kit.


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In addition to its compact size for ease of handling, the high-performance capabilities of the K 2 Compact Car & Home make it a particularly attractive purchase. The favourable dimensions of the pressure washer allow for maximum portability while ensuring it takes up a minimal amount of space when stored.

The K2 Compact Home and Car Combo includes:

K2 Compact Pressure Washer

PS30 Surface Cleaner

FJ6 Foam Nozzle

WB120 Rotating Wash Brush – Basic

Karcher Universal Detergent

Kacher Car Shampoo Detergent

Additional information
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 19 × 22 × 40 cm
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