Karcher FJ6 Foam Nozzle


The Karcher FJ6 foam nozzle is the perfect addition to your Karcher pressure washer, allowing you to add a layer of foamy detergent with minimum effort and fuss.

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The Karcher FJ6 foam nozzle provides a powerful foaming action for easy cleaning of all surfaces. Ideal for vehicles, garden furniture, facades, stairways, caravans, paths, walls, terraces, driveways etc. The FJ6 container is approximately 0.6 litres.

To use the Karcher FJ6 foam nozzle, simply pour your detergent directly into the foam nozzle, attach the nozzle to your pressure washer gun and apply the foam. The detergent dose can be easily adjusted on the foam nozzle using the yellow dial on top.

The jet level can be easily adjusted as required. The FJ6 foam nozzle is suitable for all Karcher K1-K7 pressure washers.

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