Karcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T (YSY) *EU

The WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T offers outstanding suction power and energy efficiency and is equipped with a 30-liter stainless steel container, a 6-meter-long cord, a 2.2-meter suction hose, and an integrated power outlet.


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The new Karcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T wet and dry vacuum cleaner features a 30-liter stainless steel container, a 6-meter-long cord, and a 2.2-meter-long suction hose. The WD6 has ultra-powerful suction and outstanding energy efficiency, with a power consumption of just 1300 watts. The drain screw can be used to conveniently drain fluids that have been vacuumed up. Power tools such as saws or sanders can be connected via the integrated power outlet with an automatic on/off switch. The resulting dirt is immediately removed by suction. The rotary switch allows the user to adjust the suction power to meet their needs. The flat pleated filter can be removed by opening the filter box, without having to come into contact with any dirt. What’s more, the filter can be cleaned efficiently by pressing the filter cleaning button, thereby restoring full suction power. The blower function is particularly useful when cleaning delicate objects. The removable handle with electrostatic protection allows accessories to be connected directly to the suction hose, which is especially beneficial when vacuuming fine dust. Additional benefits include the fact that the suction hose can be stored compactly by hanging it on the device head, as well as the parking position for the floor nozzle.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 42 × 38 × 69 cm
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